Paul Ognibene

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Ognibene is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Urban Spaces, a real estate development firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In his role, Ognibene is responsible for setting the vision for the future of his company. He oversees everything from client relationships to contract negotiations and multi-million-dollar project budgets. Under Ognibene’s leadership, the company has grown into mid-sized award-winning development company that aspires to have a transformational effect on the communities it serves.



Bachelor of Arts degree

Ognibene grew up outside of Chicago and attended Fenwick High School, where he was active in a variety of academic and extracurricular activities, including varsity wrestling, tennis, and golf.  As a high school senior, Ognibene started the Fenwick Friar Shoppe, a non-profit, college-style spirit shop which still today provides imprinted gear to students and alumni across the country.

After high school, he left Chicago to attend Boston College, where he earned a BA in economics.  While at BC, Ognibene started the Print Shop to provide custom imprinted products to college clubs and affinity groups across the country.

After graduating from BC, Ognibene returned to Chicago to work for the Northern Trust Company, a Fortune 500 company and the 15th largest investment manager in the world.  He later returned to Boston to attend Harvard Business School, where he earned his MBA.

While at Harvard Business School, Ognibene was a semi-finalist in the HBS New Venture Competition, which paved the way for him to start ClubTools, a provider of software and services for student-run and alumni clubs.  ClubTools worked with over 500 university clients, including  MIT, Northwestern, and Ohio State University.

Today, Ognibene is CEO of Urban Spaces

We develop mid-sized residential and commercial projects in growing neighborhoods, often in close proximity to...

Public Transportation


Employment Hubs


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